1 Nov / 2019

Mini fridge test ⇒ The best small mini bar

You have a large fridge-freezer combination in your kitchen, but for the big barbecue party in the summer with lots of guests you need more fridge for the drinks and the grill food. Then a mini-fridge is the solution for you. These petite devices are also suitable for small homes that do not fit standard size refrigerators. This buying guide introduces the various mini models and helps you to find the right cooler for you.

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Efficient cooling in a small space

If your kitchen does not provide enough space for a standard refrigerator, or if you’re looking for an extra cooler that can be stored to save space, mini-fridges are a great option. But “mini” is a matter of definition – decisive is the width: While the standard width of a refrigerator is 60 cm, mini-refrigerators are generally less than 56 cm wide and the height can be between 51 and 85 cm, so you can easily open these small refrigerators put a piece of furniture or other equipment and save even more space.

These species are available

The group of mini-refrigerators includes different types of devices.
table refrigerators

In the category table refrigerator fall coolers, which have approximately table height, more precisely: around 82 to 85 cm at 54.5 to 55.4 cm in width and 56 to 62 cm in depth. This means they can reach the volume of an integra- ted underbody refrigerator with up to 153 l. The prices are between 300 and 330 €.
Low mini-fridges

The dwarves under the mini-refrigerators have only a height of 51 cm and therefore look rather cube-shaped, especially since they are particularly narrow at about 43 cm and less deep at 48 to 49 cm. Such “cooling cubes” cost 100 to 120 €.
Design drinks fridges

Some mini-coolers stand out due to a glass door and the imprint of well-known beverage brands. Such design models, which are particularly suitable as beverage refrigerators, are offered from 180 €.

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